Wednesday, September 15, 2004

FireFox 1.0 PR impressions

First impressions on pre-1.0 release, in the order of their importantance to me:
  • Major flaw. Popup blocker is either broken or just fascist. It prevents windows from open when I click a link, requiring me to add each site I want to use to whitelist. That's just stupid. Moreover, even after I added to that list I still can't open a "Contacts" pop-up. Sorry, it was my fault. The "Contacts" window now is working fine, so I guess this should have been a GMail bug, not FireFox.
  • Bug fix. Gmail interface for contacts management is now working (it was completely broken before). There is a possibility though, that this is a fix by Gmail team.
  • Bug fix. Individual feeds in bloglines can be opened (at last!).
  • Compatibility problem. Some of the installed extensions I happen to use were disabled as non-compatible with Firefox 0.10 (including ieview, livehttpheaders and text/plain). Hopefully their respective authors will update them soon so that I could continue to use them.
  • Minor irritation. The Find dialog is now appears as a toolbar at the bottom of the window. The problem is that there is no keyboard shortcut to close it. Admittedly, it's not really irritating because it's not clutter a browser window now. I changed my mind and I don't perceive this as an irritation anymore. Actually, it's a nice change because it allowed me to uncheck "Find as you type" option to allow Gmail's keyboard shortcuts and still have a handy search box. Nice tweak.
  • Nice tweak. Some (or may be most) windows that are shown by browser itself are now "inlined" at the top of the rendered page with a yellow substrate. I noticed this for popup blocker window, missing plugin notification and new find dialog.
  • Nice tweak. The address bar for secure sites is now colored in yellow which make them hard to overlook (compared to a small lock at the corner we have previously)
  • New feature. Live Bookmark feature is interesting, but I prefer bloglines service to read RSS channels. There is a new Feed Your Reader extension which is similar to Live Bookmark but allows for external RSS readers. Version 0.7 (due this week) is going to support bloglines as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our tests of firefox pr 1 for OS X were similarly disappointing. We were able to auto detect some feeds but subscribed feeds did not stick after restarting the app. Once feeds were subscribed, attempting to open the bookmarks menu would cause the app to crash. This was repeated many times successively.

Was also slow as a dog and we could hear the processor and drives grinding away as soon as we launched the app. We’re assuming (hoping) the performance and bugginess will be taken care of by the time 1.0 is finalized.

That said, 0.9.3 is an amazing browser and PR 1 looks to be even better if they can address these problems. IE/Safari/Opera look out!

University of Michigan

12:50 AM  

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