Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Gmail new features - have you seen them?

When I started Gmail today I noticed some changes in the interface: the "Contacts" link is move to the left and now opens without a popup and I found "forwarding" option in the settings menu, Plus, there is prominent link "New features!" at the top right corner.

That's nothing new here, some UI changes I notice regularly. The interesting part of the story is that my co-worker, sitting next table and also using Gmail does not have this features but see the old interface.

This is interesting, indeed. A reasonable explanation I may be that may be some Gmail users are switched to the new version to gather feedback. Or, another one, that Gmail's users that are actually report bugs got new versions first/exclusively while the rest using more-or-less stable beta.

So, my question is - have you seen these new features?

update: others notice this too. See, for example, comments on this post about Gmail's new features.


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