Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Programmer's HowTo

Several years ago, when trying to master Linux I had to read a lot of documentations, man pages and HOW-TOs in particular. The topics covered by these manuals/how-tos were rather routine (as it seems to me today) - things like modem setup, font setup, pppd configuration, etc. The distinguishing feature for most of the good ones is that they're tightly packed with useful information - often I had to re-read them in order to grok completely.

Recently I stumbled upon another HOW-TO: How to be a Programmer by Robert L Read. While he addresses a different topic - the topic of a professional growth as a programmer - he managed to preserve the spirit of these HOW-TOs: concise, clear and packed with insights.

That's one of the best texts I had read on a topic in the last few years and arguably the one with the best size/usefulness ratio. It's a pity I haven't encountered it earlier (the first version was released in 2000).


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