Saturday, November 27, 2004

Ready? Set. Ship!

For several last months, I've been quitely working on my small sideline project which I'm now ready decided to get out of the door. This is my first take on the entrepreneurial-like venture and I have no idea how and where it would land and whether it would take off at all. But even if it won't succeed I glad I managed to drive the project to the point where it's shipped to the wild and not hung as a vaporware forever.

In spite of a lengthy feature sheet laying in front of me I decided to ship the most basic, bare-bones version that is (potentially) useful to my audience. There is a certain risk that such a primitive version would scare away prospective customers but the risk of developing for too long without being exposed to the real-life feedback is IMO much bigger. If there is any market at all for this kind of service it would shown itself even with such a limited implementation. Or at least, this is what I'm hoping for. ;-)

Oh, I just re-read the post and noticed I didn't even mentioned what the service is. ;-) It's located at the and, specifically for google bots, allows you to send photos, letters and postcard to your relatives, friends and business partners in Ukraine. Actually, you could only send photos for now but the rest will follow (crossed my fingers).


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