Monday, December 06, 2004

strategy for acceptance tests

With the version 1.0 of my project out there, I have a planning session to decided what to do next. Of course, I'm going to start working on release 1.1 now but in parallel with that, I intend to work on the acceptance (functional) test suite which currently drags behind due to the 1.0 release schedule pressure.

Recent Robert Martin's post in the FIT mailing list summarises my strategy for these kind of tests nicely:
...[I] INSISTED that the majority of automated acceptance tests be run JUST BELOW the GUI. (i.e. not THROUGH the GUI).

Some acceptance tests, those that test GUI functionality only, MUST be run through the GUI. But I don't want any business rules tested through the GUI.

Of course QA must also get their fingers and eyes on the system. I don't want them doing this with any scripts. Anything that can be scripted should be automated. Rather, I want the QA folks using their ingenuity and creativity to manually operate the GUI and figure out devious ways to break the system.


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