Monday, February 28, 2005


Mr. Ed published another article on his site. This one is called Wikiphilia and tries to present Wikis as an inadequate tool for most (all?) application it has been put to. Or at least that is how I understood him. He writes controversial articles and (IMO, again) wrote nothing particularly convincing since a couple of earlier good ones.

The "wikiphilia illness" goes too far as well. While I agree that Wikis (like any other tool) can be misused or used to procrastinate I don't buy his general criticism. To me, it mostly sounds like a projection of his own (or made-up) phobias and behavioral models onto Wiki's users. A quote:
Whilst anyone can add their opinion to a Wiki page, anyone can come along and remove it. Therefore it is vacuous to claim that a Wiki affords equal opportunity for all users to express their opinion, when it allows any user to suppress that opinion through simple deletion. To ensure that their contribution persists, a user has to watch over their content, re-inserting it after anyone else has deleted it. Some users resort to writing bots for this purpose.
I'd say this is highly atypical (and unethical) pattern that the user constantly reinserts his own statement which were deleted by the community (for a reason, I suppose). Or even write bots (sic!) for this purpose. Of course, a malicious one may do so but that's a different matter.

I don't find it compelling to argue with the rest of the article, interested readers may read it themselves and made their own conclusions.


Blogger chris smith said...

It seems the recent explosion of wikis (emacs, python, gcc, and so on) is the real counter-argument.
The emacs wiki, for one, versions pages, and people spend significant time handling the real problem, spam.

10:05 PM  
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